Federico stitching the sole


Federico Badia is a young Italian shoemaker and leather artisan. His passion is traditional shoemaking, leather craftsmanship, and preserving Italy’s artisan tradition. The quality, process, and design of every shoe or bag is personal. A Roman by birth, Federico now lives and works in the historic and beautiful city of Orvieto (located in Umbria, Italy between Rome and Florence).


Federico Badia has been working with leather for over a decade. First in a small pelletteria (a leather shop), making belts, bracelets, and eventually various bags. While there, he discovered his interest in leather, which has grown over the years. Later, he found that his true passion lay in the art of traditional shoemaking, which has begun to die out even in Italy. He apprenticed for two years in Rome, learning about measurements, shoe lasts, sewing techniques, goodyear welting, pattern design, and construction. After working from home for a year, in June 2011, he opened a shop in Orvieto, Italy. Federico designs, cuts, sews, and sculpts, each pair of shoes entirely by hand in his Bottega (workshop) where he invites visitors to come and learn about the process.


“I am always working to improve my techniques and the products I make. This begins with the leather. Quality is essential. Fortunately, Italy has a long, beautiful tradition of tanning leather. All my own designs for bags and shoes are created by hand. I want to make something special: products with traditional quality that really can last for a lifetime.  Timeless elegance combined with modern design.

I enjoy working with leather, which is so versatile and beautiful. I love making shoes. It is not easy to be an artisan, but it is rewarding. You must love what you do. If you don’t have passion about your craft, you will never create something beautiful.”

All leather used by Federico Badia is individually selected from the best tanneries in Italy, which guarantees quality.