Handmade Loafers

Loafers, or mocassini, are light, flexible, and comfortable shoes. In America and many European countries, loafers are used as a casual and informal shoes work for both work and leisure, though lace-up shoes remain more appropriate for formal occasions. All handmade loafers are also goodyear welted to guarantee maximum strength and flexibility.

Federico Badia makes handmade loafers, which are comfortable, sleek, and durable. He specializes in various styles of loafers which include:

Federico Badia is dedicated to the art of traditional shoemaking, which allows him to create a unique and maximum quality product. He makes each pair of shoes entirely by hand: selecting materials, calculating and drawing the models, cutting, lasting, stitching, right down to the final polishing and lacing of every pair of shoes. He uses only top quality, full-grain Italian tanned shoe leathers, which ensures that his shoes, when properly cared for, can truly last for a lifetime. This dedication to quality and detail means that each pair of handmade loafers takes about fifty hours of work over a ten day period (not counting the work of modifying each custom shoe last). Because of the time and attention that each pair of shoes requires, Federico allows and completes only fifty orders for bespoke shoes by customers each year. Generally, it takes about three to six months from initial order date for the first pair of handmade shoes to be completed.

To guarantee complete comfort and satisfaction, Federico makes all his shoes by measurement. This requires a visit to his shop in Orvieto to have measurements taken, so that a custom shoe last can be built specifically for the client. The client is able to choose from a variety of leather to find the perfect color and texture. They may also choose from a variety of shoe designs and request modifications. Once the shoes are complete, they can be shipped worldwide.


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