The Oxford, known as the Francesina in Italy, is an elegant shoe, which was first made in England around 1830.The shoe is distinguished by its closed lacing style, where the laces are threaded through five pairs of eyelets and fasten perfectly so that only the upper edge of the tongue can be seen. Because of this closed lacing system, it can often be difficult to find a comfortable fitting pair of standard made Oxfords.

Oxfords are sleek and minimal. The style creates a slimming effect, since when worn, the shoe forms a continuation of the pant’s leg line. For this reason, Oxfords look especially good on narrow feet with a low instep. Depending on the color and leather, the classic Oxford shoe can be perfect for everyday wear or special occasions. All Federico Badia Oxford Shoes are bespoke.

There are various styles of oxford shoes which include:

To guarantee complete comfort and satisfaction, Federico makes all his shoes by measurement. This requires a visit to his shop in Orvieto to have measurements taken, so that a custom shoe last can be built specifically for the client. The client is able to choose from a variety of leather to find the perfect color and texture. They may also choose from a variety of shoe designs and request modifications. Once the shoes are complete, they can be shipped worldwide.

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